Riportiamo di seguito l’articolo di Maria Teresa B.

Wait a minute… Am I on the way to become famous? Just joking, but, you see, there’s not much chance for somebody like me to be on the internet telling about herself in a blog, furthermore in English! Anyway, since I have just landed here, might as well that I introduce myself. I am Maria Teresa, MT for friends (and future fans!), born in Faenza (Italy) in 1938, so I will soon be a 76-year-old lovely housewife.
I have been an Alzheimer’s since 2011, and there’s much I can’t do for myself anymore, some daily activities like washing myself or getting dressed, but also writing, speaking and concentrating. It is a sad reality, with no doubts, but I am not alone because I have my family and caregivers close, especially my daughter, who is more and more becoming a home manager! Having them next to me makes me feel very safe, besides I am a strong believer, and even if I can’t say a word, God is in my heart, so I feel at peace. I love to be with people, being cheerful and open-minded by behaviour. While last year I used to go out with my daughter to attend the Alzheimer’s Café downtown, now I don’t feel the same strength, and I prefer to stay within my area, in southern Turin.

I love pets, all animals in general, but cats and dogs in particular. My caregiver wants to adopt one puppy, so I’ll soon have a new type of friend visiting from time to time… What I fear the most? Loneliness, isolation. So typical of Alzheimer’s; I mean, I don’t suffer myself, but I realize I am just human and vulnerable. The lack of a proper organization for seniors who can no longer defend their rights worries me the most. I heard that in some countries abroad it’s not so bad, but I really don’t know what will be of Italy in the future. No money, and an increasing mistrust among people. We definitely need a support network around here. But believe me, we don’t want to complain, we want PEOPLE TO COUNT ON!!

To my new friends overseas I want to say that America reminds me of great voices I admired in my youth, such as Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Platters, Aretha Franklin, and divas like Grace Kelly.  I like to watch TV, but never all day, only when a good film or documentary about nature is on.  And I am also a great fan of opera, my favourite composer is Giuseppe Verdi, who came from my same region. Opera is difficult to follow and understand, maybe because it’s not only music, but mainly theatre, in simpler words a representation of life happenings. That offers great chances for comments, discussions, while emotions rise. If you have never tried that, you should! Why don’t you take a pen and write down your emotions, and then share? It’s beautiful! It makes you feel what you truly are: IMPORTANT.